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Artist Spotlight: Otis Carey


Name, age, occupation, location?
Otis Hope Carey, Professional free surfer, north Narrabeen NSW.

In your opinion, can people learn to be creative or are they born that way?
Every human being is born with creative outlets, sometimes you’ve just got to find the right one that best helps your creative side blossom.

When are you most inspired?

Other creative outlets?
Art, Poetry.

Less or more?
Always more!

What music do you listen to when you are creating your art?
King cruel

Why is art so important?
Art surrounds us whether we like it or not. You can’t escape it. Without art we wouldn’t have our everyday essentials.

What is your dream project?
A collaboration with a high end fashion label.

How can people support you?
By staying awesome.


West Oz
Photo: Andrew Shield

Have We Cheapened The Tube?



Once, the only way you could experience the view from inside the barrel was to get barreled.

It was surfing’s mystical, transcendent, peak moment. A bit like losing one’s virginity, it was a club you joined after much fumbling and clumsy foreplay, when some of kind of existential truth…

Andrew Groves illustration surf art
uses for old skateboards

Global Warming Creates MASSIVE Swells

Even now, in the year 2202, the effects from the 21st century’s global warming are taking effect. With the global temperature soaring up 5 degrees since the turn of the millennium, the weather has been getting more and more erratic and the storms much more severe. A by product of this is absolutely massive low pressure systems creating swells in excess of 200ft, far more powerful than our grandparents would have witnessed. This is the reason that the ‘Largest Wave Ever Surfed’ world record continues to be beaten. See the image below of a 210ft beast ridden by Eagen Smith (can you spot the rider?). 

Check out this surf artefact we found in Melbourne… A Film called ‘New Wave by ‘Sholer & Otten Films’. It’s got some massive names, both in music and surfing, but seems to be forgotten completely.

The Mad Hueys. Kirra dusk.via themadhuyes

Music Licensing For Your Film

Got a great tune and want to use it in your film?

Check out our template below for getting the rights to music. Indie artists will be more than happy to let you use their music for a shout out at the end.

——agreement begins——————————————————————>



Grant the non-exclusive right to use of the work (SONG) by (ARTISTS) for (TIME IN SECONDS) in my film ‘(FILM NAME) for (YEW TV 18/138 Toorak rd West, South Yarra, VIC, 3141) & their Surf Film Festival, where the film will be available across 5 events between November and December 2014.

This agreement is under no monetary exchange.

(AGREE/DISAGREE) with everything stated in the above agreement.

——-agreement ends———————————————————————>

The Future Of Competitive Surfing

Today, Gerry Brail scored a perfect 10 on arguably the world’s best man-made wave pool, located in Beijing, China in the ASP World Tour Surfing2029. This is the first time the wave pool has been used and operates with a completely new pneumatic system which allows hydro-engineers to control almost every element of the wave including whether it blows out, how fast it will break and how heavy it is. Technology has definitely revolutionized competitive surfing, although some still believe that removing wave selection and giving each surfer a wave that will break identically to the last takes a lot out of the competition.