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Artist Spotlight : Mackinnon Walker


Name, age, occupation, location?

Mackinnon Walker, 20, Artist/Surfer/Photographer/Filmmaker/Burrito salesman. Currently in Europe, Based in Sydney/Byron.

In your opinion, can people learn to be creative or are they born that way?

I think that all people are born to be creative, but everyone expresses their creativity in different ways. The word creative is so very broad in that creativity can be shown in almost anything that people do.

When are you most inspired?

When I’m in the surf, there is so much time to think of new ideas and plans to make my art more impressive, bigger scale and new ways to present it. In the surf I’m pretty much always stoked and being happy is definitely when I feel I have my best ideas. 

Other creative outlets?
Film making and photography. when I was really young I always loved filming little surf movies of me and my mates and piecing them together on dodgy out of date software at school, we would all get so stoked when one of us would get a sick turn or something on camera and I feel like nothing has really changed I still throw my hands in the air when I film someone land a good punt. What got my into photography was my grandma and her old film cameras. One day she gave them all to me and having no idea how to use them I put a roll in one and started shooting, the film didn’t develop because I didn’t even know how to wind it on. I learnt up after that and film photography will always be my favourite way to capture a moment.
Less or more?
The more you do something the better you become at it, in regards to making art definitely try to paint and draw as much as you can, practice is the only way you will get better, all my school teachers hated that I thought this way because all my note books turned into sketch pads.

What music do you listen to when you are creating your art?
Whale noises, and spanish tutorials.
Why is art so important?
Art for me is probably exactly what almost every other artist would call it, a way of expressing yourself. For me I think its also just a way of making something look different and better than it was originally, making the world even more beautiful, I guess thats why its so important.
What is your dream project?
I haven’t thought of it yet but I’m imagining its going to be really giant, awesome and involve me riding a giraffe though a field of sunflowers.
How can people support you?
Keep updated on my website for new projects!, follow me on the gram! @mackinnonwalker, and best of all! Commission me to do some works! contact is on my site!



Morris Minor surf wagon 👊 #noosa #gypsy #aroundtheblock #australia #classic #british
placid surfing on a mal.

Snowboarder Clears 80m Tabletop

Suspendid - frozen ice wave

Spotlight: Chris Zingelmann (Surf & Skate Festival - Germany)

What is The Surf & Skate Festival all about, how did it all start?

The Surf & Skate Festival is all about the culture of surfing and skateboarding.

We want to express our idea of the surf culture and start to think about different aspects and how we can picture it and make it possible to touch, taste and most important feel and understand.

Do you think people who Surf and Skate are more creative? why?

The Sport is kind of expression, every move and every bodymovement is different from others, you need to have your own kind of style to get recognized. During this search for expression and presentation you become creative, also you need to be creative to spend as much time in the water and in the park and still be successful in life :)

What is the easiest & hardest thing about what you do?

Difficult question, the easiest thing is to get motivated working on this topic, because this is our love and our personal identity - we live the dream. Although we don’t spend enough time in the water, we work with cool relaxed people and we always talk about surfing and skating.

The hardest thing is probably seeing everyone having so much fun at the event and everyone enjoying themselves, I always think during running around and organizing shit, fuck I want to enjoy this event as well and not work…haha
Why is it important to promote the arts?
I believe we live in a new kind of generation, art is new and the artists are kinda new, its so difficult to stand out through this number of artists and especially photographers that it is hard for art to stand by itself.
So for us it is important to promote certain kind of artists that we believe in and that we personally like ourselves. Also its important to present their work and their life to a wider audience than just us “core surfers”. 
We have a similiar situation, we would love to live through our passion, through our work and that is not easy in such a niche.

What is your dream project?

My dream project would be creating some kind of artificial wave, such as the wavegarden in our hometown and have the office right next to it. Even better would be to have real waves in the sea close to home and to organize a WCT Contest :)
But I guess the real good thing would be to support brands in communication and PR and to make the dream come true, to live off the company without any fear for the future. 
Or producing a great surfmovie would be a dream as well, or opening up a surfretirement home in costa rica for old surfers when I am old myself. You see there are many dream projects - lets see what happens ;)

How can people support what you are doing?

They can spread the word and bring their friends to our events and enjoy the Festivals. But also visit our online store and check out the stuff. But most likely share the dream and support us in the future!


How to Win This Comp & Become Rich & Famous.


Nick Murphy and his epic zombie apocalypse skate film called Decapiskated took out first place in last years Skateboard Film Festival - which was entirely based on Public votes. We asked him a few questions on what he did to get zillions of votes on his clip and this is what he said;

Well first thing I did (as most people would have) was have myself and all my close friends post the video on Facebook. I made sure that all of my Facebook friends who I actually knew had voted. Then I emailed everyone in my extended family (I have 20 + cousins so I had a slight advantage there) and had all of them vote. This was about a month into the competition and I had steadily run out people to nag that I actually knew.To keep votes flowing I posted the video on at least half a dozen Australian Film forums and kindly asked that if they enjoyed the movie could they please vote etc. But the way I got the most votes was by holding a competition for people who voted. I held a competition for a free board (which I bought from Simply Skateboarding). The rules were quite simple, you vote, write down your name and account name on the website and we choose the winner at random from a hat. Basically I hung around the shop for a good 4 days getting every customer to vote and to get their families to vote so they had a better chance at winning.

SKATE OR DIE - deck art